The Fruit of the Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate Tree  Last year at this time, I wrote a blog post about Persephone and her journey into the underworld. It was inspired both by the Winter Solstice, and a dream I had of a visit from Persephone herself. In the dream, she appears holding a pomegranate, she tells me, the seed can never be planted if the pomegranate is not opened. She then opens the pomegranate and takes a seed and plants it, from which a beautiful, tall, strong and sturdy tree sprouts as if by magic. This dream was a precursor to a year full of trial and growth for me, and I feel as though I am now ready to become the pomegranate tree. Happy Winter Solstice 2011!

The Fruit of the Pomegranate Tree

Oh Persephone!

You came in my dream

and showed me,

The pomegranate seed.

You said,

“If you never open the pomegranate,

you can never plant the seed,

And the tree will never grow.”

Well, you opened that fruit,

and planted that seed.

The tree grew tall and strong,

fully grown, before my eyes,

like magic.

You opened me,

as you did the fruit.

You planted that seed inside.

I have grown worthy

of becoming a tree.

I have much to offer,

from the land of the dead.

The seed of the goddess

is planted in the deep, dark earth.

I reach up toward the light,

as my branches stretch,

strong, tall and beautiful.

I can hold the weight,

of the abundant,

juicy, fruit of the ages.

Ready to be picked,

and broken open to feed the soul.

I can lead others

into the dark,

into the mystery of becoming,

where the richest fruit,

and most magical trees grow.

Valley Reed – copyrite 2011


2 thoughts on “The Fruit of the Pomegranate Tree

  1. death shaman

    I am a nagual and black shaman of the condor grandmother, I teach a primeval grandmother teaching of dreamtime, the lineage is pure, and this lifetime i am a slavic wind whisperer of my grandmothers lineage at the poland ukraine border. On my facebook i lead a world collective dream journeys on specific full moons, with my apprentices and the group…. If you would like to join us, i personally invite you… facebook dot com/GrandmotherMoon


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