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Listen and Dream
Valley Reed – Tree Dreamer

My interest in dreams began in my early 20’s when I had a precognitive dream that saved my life. This life saving dream convinced me, there was a lot more going on during my dreams than I had previously been lead to believe. It became clear to me, my dreams certainly deserved more of my attention, because I had my life to thank for that. It was a dream awakening from which I have never since turned my back.  Join me in this journey of discovery into the realm of dreams.

  • Chrysalis Healing Arts – Owner of a healing and creative arts studio, offering workshops, weekend retreats and monthly women’s circles.  Private practice is by appointment only for Massage, Energy Healing, Soul Recovery, Trauma Resolution & Conflict Transformation.  www.chrysalishealingarts.org
  • Healer, Dreamer, Teacher, Activist, Dancer, Choreographer, Event Organizer, Writer, Drummer, Ceremonialist.
  • Member International Association for the Study of Dreams  www.IASDreams.org
  • Dream Activist www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org
  • Certified Teacher of Active Dreaming through Robert Moss.  www.mossdreams.com
  • Public speaker, Workshop Facilitator.
  • “The Crow and the Phoenix” – A Dream Dance Story written by Valley Reed, also choreographed and performed at the IASD Cinncinatti Regional Conference in 2001 and the 2008 IASD Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada where it was also filmed for the PBS series “Dreamtime”.

Valley Reed – Dallas, Texas

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