The Seed of Destiny

“Dream Tree” by Alice Mason

The night before attending a Yoruba Fire Ceremony, I had the following dream.

“A seed was placed in the center of my brain, and from it grew healing and wisdom, which spread throughout my brain. This brain change, enabled me a growing understanding of the indigenous mind and the language of seeds.”

What happens when you plant a seed on indigenous land, but the the seed comes from another place? The Earth begins to speak to the seed in another language, one the seed may not understand, but it is nurtured by it never the less. The seed learns to trust and grow, wondering what it may become, knowing it is of the Earth.

The seed learns of the divine, the larger mind of our being and spiritual wisdom of “Ori” which means “head” in Yoruba.  The divine stories are whispered, delivered by this seed and planted into a consciousness designed by destiny.

What happens when the seed of spirit gets planted in a troubled mind? The ancient mind of the “Ori” whispers what is needed in order to heal the limitations, judgement, resentments, selfishness and ignorance of separation. There is no separation. The seed of divine wisdom and destiny, begins to whisper in another language and deeper knowing of the pulse of life. A deep healing presence has descended to bring peace of mind. A pulse of the universal intelligence of life, which speaks an ancient language of the balance of life and death, in connection with the patterns of the stars and the sun and the earth and the moon. The seed holds a vibration that resonates to create a change of heart, a breaking open and breaking through, into a space of remembrance and newness all at the same moment.

The Seed of Destiny

A soulful seed planted by the universal mind into the limited consciousness of the Western Modern identity, can unravel the most tangled soul. A seed which can change fate into destiny and emptiness into a receptacle for a story from another land to take root and unfurl.

I came across the seed of destiny when I attended a Yoruba Fire Ceremony. The seed had been placed on a tray with other ritual implements for a traditional oracle reading known as Ifa. I sat waiting for the ceremony to begin and next to me on a tray, were the elements of the oracle. I was drawn to the seed I saw in wait, yet not knowing it’s purpose. The seed began to whisper deep inside me, repeating over and over, Seed of Destiny. I wondered what this meant, but accepted the message as given to me. I then made my give away and wrote, “I release all that stands between me and my Destiny”. This felt liberating immediately. I set my give away aside and the ceremony began. The Babalawo began the oracle reading by summoning the ancestral spirits and offering prayers. The priest held up a Palm Nut as he spoke of the seed of destiny, and broke it open into four pieces. The reading was divined from how the pieces fell. The Ifa that came through honored the powerful magic of women and all that is born through women. The message that came through for me, was about accepting the magic that women bring. Become this magic.

My magic is tied up with the seed of destiny. In this time, I will bring through my magic and no longer be ashamed or afraid. I have heard the whispers of the seed of destiny and released all that stands in my way, both inwardly and outwardly, there is no separation.


Black Wolf Eats the Sun


In my dream last night on the night of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse, I encountered what was an aggressively wild black wolf. It came to my peaceful cabin alongside a river where I stood outside. The wolf approached snarling and showing it’s teeth. I was not afraid of the creature, I recognized it’s fierce and wild nature and knew it as a familiar. I welcomed the wolf into my home and as I did, it shapeshifted into a man.  The wolf was there as my protector and ally and would live with me in the wild in my peaceful cabin by the river. He gave me information about who he is, that he is rooted in the Scandinavian stories of my Danish ancestors. Suddenly an army of men from another time approached and took captive of the wolf shapeshifter, taking him to a castle where he was to meet the king. The king demanded the wolf to be his protector and decreed the wolf would now be held there in service to the king. He was kept there because of his powers to shapeshift and the king wanted this power in service to his kingdom, instead of it being used against him. I visited the castle to plead for the release of the wolf, back to my care, in my time.

I explain he is no threat and being held against his will.  The wolf shapeshifter looked at me with loving loyalty in his eyes and gratitude for trying to help him escape. It will now take stealth and planning to arrange his escape, the King will not let him go.

In researching the myths of my Nordic ancestors as hinted to in the dream, I find there are many important stories to consider.  Berserkers were Norse Warriors who fought with a trance like fury and able to shapeshift into forms such as wolf or bear. The King was said to have kept them has his bodyguards.

The story of Skoll, recounts a warg (wolf ) which chases the Chariot of the sun across the sky, and during the solar eclipse is when the wolf catches up to devour the sun. Hati is the warg, who chases the chariot of the moon and devours her light during a lunar eclipse. Fenrir is the son of Loki and foretold to be the one who will kill Odin. He is the Father of the wargs Skoll and Hati who chase the sun and the moon across the sky each day and night. Fenrir is eventually caught by the Aesir ( a clan of Nordic Gods and Goddesses) and bound by magical ties and fettered with his mouth fastened open, from which the river Van (Hope) flows.

The wolves of these ancient tales were surrounded by prophecy at the edge of a time of great changes signaled in by the Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. The time when Odin would be defeated by Fenrir, as part of his destined prophecy. What hope flows from the mouth of this mythic wolf, that can now flow into our lives as we face great changes in our world? Perhaps that is the river besides which my little peaceful cabin sits in my dream of this time, in the world I now inhabit. I welcome the wolf beside me as a partner and friend. He is misunderstood because of his powers to shapeshift and his wild nature. There are many in power who want to control his powers for their own means. But eventually he will be released, he is not made for war. He is made for wildness. Perhaps that is why he has come, I welcome the wild and I am also a shapeshifter.









Ancestral House in the 4th Dimension


10/23/14 New Moon – Solar Eclipse

I did not want to leave my dream when I woke that morning, because I was having an amazing experience. In dreaming, I am in a 4 story ancestral family home. I notice red bricks near the foundation as I enter the old English Farm house. The bricks hover individually in the air, yet each serve to make up the whole of the structure of the house. Inside the home there are many people who seem part of a large extended family. I am learning from a handsome woman who is showing me around the house. She is showing me how to see what is happening up and down on each of the 4 floors of the house, while at the same time able to see the entire structure of the house from above, down to the bottom and everything inside. I am also completely aware and present with the personal interaction my guide is giving me on this tour of the 4th dimensional. She has large deep dark eyes, olive skin and long dark hair, piled on top her head in a large, loose bun. She is an ancestor of this house from another time. I can see all the people in the house connected with her and the many rooms on each floor seems to portray different family members, living in their time. The view from the perspective of the 4th dimension  is exhilarating and appears to me as a very holistic way of seeing, which spans time and space, able to encompass vast amounts of experience and information.  The 4th dimension presents a model for the space time continuum, and inside this ancestral house, I am walking through time with an ancestral guide. It was a different way of perceiving and receiving information. As if all the experience and information in this house was known to me by experiencing it from the 4th dimension. It was not needed to be transmitted through personal exchange, however my interaction with this woman was my point of access, which simultaneously gave me connection to all the other rooms of the house, and the people and time periods they occupy. It seems my visit there was about learning the architecture of the 4th dimension rather than honing in on the individual stories held inside, yet at the same time I held all that information too.

This isn’t the first time I have dreamt of houses which hold information on my relationship with past lives and counterparts in other lives. I wrote about it previously in my blog post Dream Archeology and the House of Many Lives. 

Exploring Ancestral connections in dreams is much on my mind lately, in the season when the veil thins and leading up to the workshop I will be offering on Dreaming with the Ancestors on Sat. November 1st 1-4 p.m.

Valley Reed © 2014



Dance of the Faery Ring on Beltane Eve


In my dreaming last night on the Eve of Beltane, I found myself entering into the magical faery realms. I was given a magical silver coin which was bejeweled on top and inside was a tasty treat like blackberry jam, so I took a bite of the silver coin and savored the tasty treasure with a sweetness and flavor I had never known before.

I arrived at an ancient tree where I was looking inside it’s hollow trunk. I found myself peering into a tiny world, where a community of faery folk were living.  One lived in an acorn inside the tree. He was complaining that it was not a big enough space for him to bring a girlfriend there. He then suddenly joined me as part of my larger world and became the same size as me. (Or was I inside his space?) Things get smaller or bigger here very fast! He took me around and introduced me to his many faery friends, even his girlfriend, who had dark wispy short hair and big dark eyes that held wisdom, independence, and mischief. We then gathered together with a few others and began to dance in a faery ring, going faster and faster and faster! I was afraid I could not keep up with the speed of our dance, but was surprised to find I had no problem keeping time with my faery friends. It is said through folk story and lore, dancing in a faery ring on Beltane can be dangerous.  Warnings are given not to trip into a faery ring during this sacred turning of the wheel.  The Faery Ring dance is described as a dangerous dance moving round and round and round so fast, that one cannot keep up and then become trapped there for ever. I find in my experience however, to be taken only higher to another level, where a parade of faery musicians arrive, playing instruments the likes of which I have never seen. These fantastic instruments are made from wood and fashioned into harps and horns. The sound waves coming through them were beyond music, they create waves upon waves, ready to carry us through interdimensional space. Finally, more people continue to arrive at this celebration of Beltane and now they are handing out chocolate. Perhaps it is time for me return, to taste the familiar and follow my yearnings homeward beyond the realm of faery, where everything is fantastic and beyond my imaginings. This magical realm of faery also feels like home, my ancestral home. I can live in both places. I am blessed.

Valley Reed   2014 ©


Magic Books in Dreams

by Valley Reed


Grimoire 1-9-14

On this morning, I woke with a dream in my mind, it was a dream of remembering. I could still feel the energy of it in my body upon waking. I could feel it deep in my belly.   The image that hovered in my waking memory was of coming upon a magic book which belonged to me in this dreaming reality. It was a Grimoire which held my name. I was dreaming of myself as a witch yet again, in another life. This dream showed me how it was passed down through my matrilineal ancestral line, and how my mother, sister, oldest niece and myself were all present in this life and carried the magic gifts of the craft. I did not recover my name upon waking, as it was written on this magic book. My body  however, continued to remember sensations of  feeling this beloved book in my hands and how intimate it was. I knew each page where I had written the magical words, from my experience as a witch.  I  saw in my dream, the energetic vehicle for my visit across time. It was a hexagon structure of sacred geometry. It looked much like an etheric geodesic dome. It was so familiar, I knew when I saw it that was how I had traveled to this dream space to remember.


Book of the Ancestors – June 2001

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water,

Shower these upon my daughter

Give her power,

Give her strength,

Bring her everything she needs.”

These magickal words were spoken over me by an ancient crone. It was during a soul recovery training retreat I attended over 12 years ago with Robert Moss. The final conscious shamanic group journey we did of the training was to recover ancestral memory. In my journey, I found myself in a cave where not a soul could be seen. I thought I must have taken a wrong turn, or perhaps I was the only of my kind left, there was no one there but me. I felt completely alone. I then began to hear chanting coming from underground, and looked up to see the old crone approach me. She took me to a place in the cave and had me lie down on the earth on my back, as she sprinkled water over me and said those magickal words. The ground beneath me lit up with fire and my back was emblazoned with the design that was carved on the ground beneath me. The design of my clan was that of the turtle. She then took me up into a small room where an old wooden desk held a dusty old book and a golden key. She picked up the book and told me to open it and read the names. I looked at the pages and they were blank to my eyes. She began to beckon me stronger to read the names, I was afraid and could not see them because of my fear. Suddenly the names appeared, I looked at them page after page and found this book contained the names of shamans and magickal people from generation after generation. She beckoned me to read the names, but I could not. I was afraid I might find my name was contained in this book.

The Book of Uriel  01-15-12

I am conscious in my dream, in the twilight zone. That place in between waking and dreaming where dream exploration can become conscious. I saw a kind of pink lace design that caught my attention and as I looked closer, I suddenly saw a book appear in my hands. A yellow book covered with some kind of animal hide. The title reads, Book of Uriel. I open it turning the pages and find myself staring at a scene of a place that stirs such a longing to return here. I suddenly find myself transported inside the scene on the page of this book. There is a Roman arched bridge over a flowing river. On the other side sits a beautiful white castle with black turrets rising to the heavens. The ache inside my soul to return here is painful. It is a place I love deeply. If only I knew where this place was, that I have never seen before in my waking life. This location pictured below, may be in the right territory where my French Hugenout ancestors may have played out many of dramas here, or perhaps I was caught up in one of the German World Wars where this place was used as a hospital during WWI or  the experience of crossing over the river into freeedom in the war against the Nazis.  Whatever my connection to this place it was one that effected my soul greatly and a place I feel a great desire to return there. Especially when given the passport to do so in the book of Uriel, my guardian angel.

Chenonceau (02)
Chateau de Chenonceau, Indre-et-Loire, France

Dreaming on the Other Side

By Valley Reed

I walked into the local watering hole the other night for some open mic fun, and sat myself down at the bar to order a glass of wine. Sitting there taking in the scene, I notice a man down the bar from me who looks positively terrified after making eye contact with me. I then notice he is crossing himself and praying, before looking up at me once again, as I am met with a look of someone who has just seen a ghost. I decide to go over and let him know I am not a ghost, and reassure him he is not being haunted. He was visibly shaken and showed me a photo of his departed wife, who to my eyes, looks nothing like me, and then showed a photo of his 9 year old daughter, who he also lost. It was a sad story which had taken it’s toll on his soul to have incurred such a loss of his family. He certainly brightened up during our conversation and I began to feel that the presence of his departed wife was close by me, and that was who he was seeing when he looked at me. I have never been mistaken for a ghost before, but this is the time approaching when the veils between the worlds thin, and departed spirits walk amongst the living.

In traditions such as Dias De Los Muertos celebrating departed loved ones with colorful altars and favorite food and drink is a way to feed not only the memory of the departed, but also keep them happy, so as to not have them hanging around when they are not wanted. It’s just like when you invite friends over to your house for dinner, and when you are done you expect them to go home again. Beyond celebrating the memory of departed loved ones, there are other connections to explore through our night time dreams where departed loved ones show up.


The Departed may still be among us and not realize they are dead, they may need assistance in helping them to cross over to their soul’s ongoing journey. The morning of 9-11-2001, I woke from a dream where I was in NYC and it looked like a war zone. There were ashes raining down from the sky and people running around in chaos and fear. A woman came up to me and told me how glad she was to see me there. I looked at her and said, but don’t you know you are dead? She looked down at her hand which was no longer part of her body and knew it was true. At that point a portal of light opened up and I helped guide her through the portal. EOD

I woke from this dream shaken, but had to get up and take my young children to school. On the drive back home, listening on the radio, I heard what was actually taking place in New York City that morning. I went home and turned on the T.V. and saw some of the images from my dream playing out in front of me.


In dreams, the departed can visit us and may often appear in the guise of a younger happier time in their life. Visitation dreams from the departed can bring timely information about future events that may play out, from health advisories to stock tips.  I often smell cookies baking, when my grandmother visits me in dreams, who was a sweet as she smells, and loved to bake. It alerts me on a sensory level to the energy of her spirit visiting me, and the very real nature of her presence.

Ancestral dream visits can also bring through lost lineage or ancestral wisdom, as well as spiritual gifts or talents that have been passed down to you through the family tree, but perhaps not yet developed or cultivated in this life. My Grandfather who played fiddle music by ear, once presented me with a mandolin in a dream and told me I needed to learn to play. I have also dreamt of lost family connections, showing where Native American Ancestry are located on my family tree through my great grandmother on my paternal side. Which may also explain the many Native American guides which appear in my dreams frequently.

Dreaming with the departed also offers us the opportunity to experience reunion with loved ones or healing difficult relations toward reconciliation and forgiveness. This can be on a collective ancestral level or on an individual level specific to your relationship. My relationship with my father had much left unsaid when he passed, but through dreaming I was able to bring through forgiveness and reconciliation for us both.

Sometimes in cases of sudden death or difficult relationship losses, we may experience soul loss where part of our energy goes away with the one we love. Dreams may show locals where you are still living with a departed spouse or ex-lover. You want to be sure and bring back all of your energy through soul recovery and dreams are the best doorway through which to travel, to bring back lost soul energy into this realm. My ex-husband passed many years ago, and in waking life he had addiction problems. In the afterlife, he was still hanging around to fill his addictions through the living, and in fact took part of my energy with him into the afterlife, because he was so afraid to go there alone. Through the dreams that came during this time, I was able to re-enter my dreams for the purpose of soul recovery with the help of my teacher Robert Moss, to reclaim the parts of me that had gone missing, which included several of my younger selves from ages 4-11. I was also able to then help my ex-husband cross over into a higher realm of soul, where he was met with beloved family members and did not need to be afraid or cling to the living.

In Dreams, you can travel to explore the afterlife with departed loved ones and gain a glimpse toward understanding the other side. The departed can become helpful dream guides in this life and the afterlife.

Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime


Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime

In the midst of a conscious dream,  I see three Aborigine men playing music and singing a sacred song. The songlines take me into the Dreamtime. I begin to see the mythic Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent emerge and it spreads giant across the stars looming before me. I also become aware that this same energy exists within me, and the rainbow serpent begins to emerge from my heart and solar plexus. This creative energy is undulating in and out of my heart weaving between my heart and the stars. The creative pulse of this ancient cosmic dance, brings tremendous energy into my body and my being.  I am expanding ever outward into the spiraling dance of the dreamtime, and returning again and again to the universe expanding inside of me.  EOD

The Aborigine Rainbow Serpent of the Dreamtime and the songs that evoke her, create the world. The energy of the ley lines tell where to find water and navigate the land. The energy lines are evoked by the songs and carry the stories of universe, stars, people, plant animal, river and stone. The stories carry me into the dreamtime. Many indigenous peoples understand that the dream world is the real world, and where our waking reality is created. The songlines and dreamlines  are also connected with the energy ley lines on earth, as a map to navigate during dream travel. We are connected with the universe and the ground upon which we walk, as integrally as with our own breath. Our body carries the stories of our lives, just as the earth and the universe carry the stories of creation, that is ever being created.  We are ever creating the sacred stories of the universe, the earth and our body, with each breath we take, and every beat of our heart and every dream we enter. This dance is being dreamed by our ancestors and they are inviting us to dance with them, out of which a new world may be born.

Footsteps of the Ancestors

Ten Bears as Earth Spirit – June  2006

I have been dreaming about Giants in many of my dreams over the past five years or so. I believe the first instance was when my first shamanic teacher, Bart Anderson “Ten Bears,” passed away in 2006. I dreamed of his crossing over shortly after hearing about his death.  In the dream, I saw him transform from his human form, into a Giant Nature Spirit that lived close to the earth.

Happy goes home with the African Ancestors  October 2009

A few years later a dear friend passed away, “Happy” Shel Weisman who was a community leader for African Drum Circles in North Texas and founder of the non profit organization, Drums Not Guns.  The night before his death, I dreamt of seeing the giant feet of the African ancestors walking upon the earth. Four sacred gatekeepers who had come to take him home.

Earth Guardian

In a dream in 2009, I saw myself as a Giant Goddess sitting upon the earth and an unseen voice tells me, “You are a guardian of the earth.” I see a golden streak of light travel the starlit sky and down into my body through my spine and into my womb. The golden light reveals an ancient labyrinth inside my earthen womb. I am firmly rooted to earth and heaven, as I sit in a sacred circle in the portal of the East as Gatekeeper and Earth Guardian.

The footprints left by these ancient beings are calling me to take my place among them. They anchor in my body and stretch my energy and awareness to grow large enough to encompass heaven and earth. They call me to other lands to remember who I am. I seek to honor the steps of the Ancestors, in my walk upon this Earth

Join me in this walk with the Ancestors  at an upcoming retreat, “Reclaiming Ancestral Wisdom ” September 2-4, 2016.  Recover Ancestral wisdom in a safe supportive circle of dreamers, as we travel our bloodlines and source our dna to recover what has been lost and release transgenerational trauma with kundalini yoga, conscious group shamanic dream journeys, exploring dreams with the lightning method of dream sharing, give away fire ceremony and a sound healing labyrinth journey. In this depth retreat we may discover hidden ancestors, but also meet our spiritual kin and guides. We may also find, just as we are seeking our spiritual guides and ancestors, they are also seeking us. Join us for this exploration of the other side, where your kin await your arrival and are ready to embark on this healing journey together with you.