Black Wolf Eats the Sun


In my dream last night on the night of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse, I encountered what was an aggressively wild black wolf. It came to my peaceful cabin alongside a river where I stood outside. The wolf approached snarling and showing it’s teeth. I was not afraid of the creature, I recognized it’s fierce and wild nature and knew it as a familiar. I welcomed the wolf into my home and as I did, it shapeshifted into a man.  The wolf was there as my protector and ally and would live with me in the wild in my peaceful cabin by the river. He gave me information about who he is, that he is rooted in the Scandinavian stories of my Danish ancestors. Suddenly an army of men from another time approached and took captive of the wolf shapeshifter, taking him to a castle where he was to meet the king. The king demanded the wolf to be his protector and decreed the wolf would now be held there in service to the king. He was kept there because of his powers to shapeshift and the king wanted this power in service to his kingdom, instead of it being used against him. I visited the castle to plead for the release of the wolf, back to my care, in my time.

I explain he is no threat and being held against his will.  The wolf shapeshifter looked at me with loving loyalty in his eyes and gratitude for trying to help him escape. It will now take stealth and planning to arrange his escape, the King will not let him go.

In researching the myths of my Nordic ancestors as hinted to in the dream, I find there are many important stories to consider.  Berserkers were Norse Warriors who fought with a trance like fury and able to shapeshift into forms such as wolf or bear. The King was said to have kept them has his bodyguards.

The story of Skoll, recounts a warg (wolf ) which chases the Chariot of the sun across the sky, and during the solar eclipse is when the wolf catches up to devour the sun. Hati is the warg, who chases the chariot of the moon and devours her light during a lunar eclipse. Fenrir is the son of Loki and foretold to be the one who will kill Odin. He is the Father of the wargs Skoll and Hati who chase the sun and the moon across the sky each day and night. Fenrir is eventually caught by the Aesir ( a clan of Nordic Gods and Goddesses) and bound by magical ties and fettered with his mouth fastened open, from which the river Van (Hope) flows.

The wolves of these ancient tales were surrounded by prophecy at the edge of a time of great changes signaled in by the Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. The time when Odin would be defeated by Fenrir, as part of his destined prophecy. What hope flows from the mouth of this mythic wolf, that can now flow into our lives as we face great changes in our world? Perhaps that is the river besides which my little peaceful cabin sits in my dream of this time, in the world I now inhabit. I welcome the wolf beside me as a partner and friend. He is misunderstood because of his powers to shapeshift and his wild nature. There are many in power who want to control his powers for their own means. But eventually he will be released, he is not made for war. He is made for wildness. Perhaps that is why he has come, I welcome the wild and I am also a shapeshifter.









Lineage of the Star Kings

I am in the twilight zone, that liminal space between waking and sleeping where conscious dreams are discovered. I see myself wearing an unusual crown and I am standing in a line of kings, also wearing very similar unusual crowns. I notice I am the only woman standing in this line. I then go down the line and examine the crown and the face of each king until reaching the beginning of the line. I notice the first king of this line has an elongated skull like that of those discovered in Peru. I notice as I move back down the line of kings, the size and shape of each person’s head are different, as are the crowns in each generation or era of this lineage. The crowns are similar, but each is slightly altered and unique for each era of kingship. The crown is not only passing on nobility, but it is also a form of inter-dimensional travel and communication.  The crown I wear reaches down onto my forehead, with the oval shape of the Vesica Piscis surrounding my third eye. It is the only crown with this design.

Museo Larco, Cusco Peru

This dream has me thinking about a shamanic journey I did not long ago, where I found myself at a star gate. In my journey, I see only darkness, and then from the darkness comes crow. He pokes a hole into the darkness and opens into another realm. Crow stands before a stone portal with huge stones covering the top and around the sides, but then it is also carved to mark the doorway. Crow brings from somewhere what appears to be a gold bracelet, and places it into the center of the doorway where there is a round indentation for the gold bracelet to fit. The huge stone doorway begins to slowly open and a blazing bluish, white light shines through the opening.


Now when I researched the image of the place I saw in my vision, I found it was from a place in Peru. The doorway also holds a circular indention in the center, and the stones and carving of the doorway are as I saw in my journey. I even discovered there was an interesting back story about how this gateway was discovered, which involved a tour guide who had been dreaming about this place for a year prior to ever discovering it.

There is also a legend of this being a stargate, that was used for interdimensional travel in a place known as the Valley of the Spirits near Lake Titicaca Peru. There once was a Incan Priest of the Temple of the Seven Rays, known as Amaru Meru. He fled from his temple when Spanish Conquistadors came to raid and pillage their culture with it’s riches of gold and jewels. Amaru Meru fled to the mountains and took with him the golden disc known as the “Key of the Gods of the Seven Rays”.  In these mountains he came upon the stone stellar gateway guarded by Shaman priests. Amaru Meru presented the Shaman the key to the stargate in the form of the golden disc. The Shaman was able to assist in preforming the ceremony to open the stargate, by fitting the golden disc into the circular carved indentation located in the center of the massive stone door. A brilliant blue light shown through the opening and Amaru Meru stepped through the doorway, never to be seen again, but not before handing the golden disc to the Shaman Priest who stayed behind.

I discovered more in the Incan legends of the Solar Discs, that time is delineated into cycles of 1000 years with a ruler over each age. We are now moving into the 10th cycle which is prophesied as a return to the light, after a time of great darkness over the past 1000 years. It is a time when the energies will shift from being that based on the masculine to being rooted in the feminine energies. This prophecy seems to align with my dream of the 10 sacred kings reaching back through their lineage.

Valley Reed©2016

Die before you Die

The recent of losses of David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glen Fry, have me contemplating death more than usual. I am grieving in some ways the loss of my youth. The music left behind during the 70’s and 80’s by David Bowie and the Eagles, was such an integral part of that time in my life. The actor Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films, has me thinking about my children when they were younger. They grew up watching Harry Potter movies, as well as “The Labyrinth” with Bowie, and they have now grown into young adults. These events have heightened for me a deeper vibe of change, that is causing me to look more deeply at the reality of death.

My own father died in 2008, and he has been paying me visits more often in my dreams now. In a recent visit, he showed me a photo of a Native American Indian Ancestor. He told me, “this is your ancestor”. In the photo, I see a strong man in the prime of his life, wearing buckskins and a few eagle feathers tied loosely in his long dark hair. He carries a pipe in his hands.

In the dream, I wish to speak with him and so I decide to enter into the photo consciously as a portal, enabling the photo to come to life and I now stand beside him in the dream space. I see the pipe he carries is turned toward his body, so that I cannot see what the pipe bowl looks like. I ask him, “Can you turn the pipe? I want to see what medicine you carry.” He responds by turning the pipe bowl, so that I can now see it clearly. It is a human skull. He tells me, “This is your medicine.”

My father once again visited me in my dream, just the other night and told me, “You need to meet your death” and then he handed me a pair of black handled scissors.

So what does it mean to meet your death? Does it mean I will be meeting mine soon?  Perhaps, or maybe instead he is pointing at the medicine of my ancestor, that of death as a bringer of change and awakening, transformation and rebirth. The scissors he offered are also of note. It connects with the three fates, one of which cuts the life line with scissors when it is time to meet death.

“Prophetic Bird” by Andre Shishkin

Prophetic Bird Goddesss

In a recent gathering, I facilitated a conscious shamanic journey for a group of women who dream with the New Moon each month. Our intention for the journey was to connect with the Three Fates for a glimpse of the year ahead. During my drumming for the group, I saw a dark sky across which flew a large, dark winged bird with the head of a woman. She made a very loud cry as she flew across a dark mountain range and cried out three times. I felt she was meant to be the harbinger of death. She lands on a shore of this dark mountain range and I see myself standing before her. She is feeding me meat from her beak, like a momma bird to her chick.


I was previously unaware of the Slavic prophetic bird goddesses, until I dreamt with her in my journey, it appears the one I connected with was Alkonost, the messenger of sorrow. The image above of the painting, “Prophetic Bird” by Russian Artist, Andre Shishkin, looks much like the what I saw in my journey. I also did seem to understand that the dark mountain range was somewhere in Eastern Europe.

These dreams all had me thinking it was indeed time to meet my death, in the shamanic sense of die before you die. I reflected on the writings of Stephen Levine, who wrote about contemplating death in his book, “A Year to Live.” If you had but a year to live, what would you do?  I found out the other day that he too, has crossed over. Die before you die means the time is now, to live your life fully, without fear or hesitation.


(Turn and face the strange)


Valley Reed ©2016



The Temple of Darkness and Light

The Winter Solstice coupled with the Christmas full moon, have me thinking of this dream which came a few years ago. moonlight

The Temple of Darkness and Light

In my dream, I see a beautiful luminous light, shinning like the moon, yet aware it is a portal into an other worldly place. It has a mysterious feel and beckons, like the pull of the moon on the ocean tides. I follow this pull and find myself tracking a woman, wearing a black hooded cloak who is moving toward the light. Her back is to me and her head is covered. I sense the woman ahead of me on the path of light, is also me, though I cannot see her face.

She takes me through an underground tunnel with stone pillars, and I realize I am in some kind of ancient temple. The temple is built so that the Moonlight shines through the underground tunnel, reaching an inner chamber at certain times of the year. The mysterious woman continues to follow the light through the tunnel with me tracking behind her. She moves so swiftly, I am losing ground and almost lose sight of her. The closer she approaches to the light, the farther behind I become. I want to follow her, and the mystery which is pulling me deeper into the darkness of this underground chamber. At the same time, even though surrounded by darkness, I too am following the light. This paradox of mystery has me tracking the path of light through an underground tunnel where the brighter it becomes the further behind I get. Like the moment of the Winter Solstice when the Sun is in stasis, I can no longer move to further track the light and I find myself at a standstill. The mysterious cloaked woman has moved out of sight. 

I set my intention to re-enter my dream, determined to continue my journey of tracking the moonlight and the mysterious cloaked woman. I was able to reconnect with her in my dream. I saw her face and the source of the mysterious light as it surrounded her. I drew the light into my energy field and it shown like a luminous egg.  

The mysterious woman began to follow a trail of moonlight once again, moving along a forested path, until reaching a shore where a small row boat awaited her. She climbed inside and began to paddle across a calm body of water. She navigated her way along the path of moonlight reflected on the water. I wanted to follow her as in the dream before, but again I found I could not move. I then remembered I could change into a bird, and shape shifted into an owl. I flew to her shoulder and crossed the water  as her familiar animal companion. I then suddenly flew off to investigate the coming shore before we arrived there by boat.  Once arrived on shore, the woman now appears younger, wearing a brown cloak made from a course garment. She is also very pregnant. She picks up a piece of tree bark and tucks it into a carved out space inside in the tree. She is keeping a record of the moon, preparing to give birth. 

© Valley Reed 2015

When Dreams Come to Meet You


I was searching through my dream journal recently and found this entry from a couple of years ago:

goldfishLetting my dreams float away ~

I have a pet shop where I keep all of my pet projects. I don’t ever go inside the pet store to feed them, or pay attention to them, I just keep them where I can find them and show them off to others.

I have a goldfish pond next to the pet store. I like to lay in the pond and relax, it is a pond of dreams, and beautiful Koi goldfish swim beneath me. The pond is lucky and I can dream anything I want to when I lay in the water. I don’t believe in my dreams any more, I have given up on my dreams. Even though I have this magical pond and  I can dream anything! I don’t seem to care, I just want to relax in the pond and let my dreams float away.

This dream was very instructive in terms of showing me how at the time, I had the tendency to hold onto creative ideas, or pet projects without ever acting on them. It also shows the potential of dreams, in that the magical pond, where I can truly dream up any reality I choose to explore and create from, but instead I have just let them slip away.

I have come across more than a few people who have told me they don’t remember their dreams, but after meeting me and sharing dreams, or coming to a class or workshop, their dreams emerge like a cherished friend, longing to reconnect.

In a recent dream from the other night, I found myself walking across an arched wooden bridge in a beautiful serene setting.

A Bridge Between the Worlds ~

I stepped onto the bridge, when suddenly a stream of water began to run over the bridge as I crossed. I payed close attention to each step I took, feeling the joy of this dream stream, flowing over my bare feet. I joined with the deeper river beneath me, where a school of gold fish, swam right up to meet me. I reached out to touch them and they came closer. I felt completely at peace in this environment, where the sun shown down a beautiful light from above, illuminating the clarity of the water. Floating in this light filled calm river, I flowed in connection with myself and the collective consciousness of the school of fish and felt a sense of wholeness in me.

This recent dream reflects a shift from the first dream I shared, when I was content to just lounge in my little dream pond, no longer caring for my dreams. Now I have fully set foot on a path of dreams, a bridge between the worlds, where I am comfortable to immerse myself in the collective dream, surrounded by light and clarity, and feeling the magical flow wash over me, sending me deeper into a world where the dream comes to meet me.

The Language of Trees

The Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina is over 1500 years old. Photo Credit: Daniela Duncan

In a recent night of dreaming, I found myself in an ancient grove of  Oak trees and was drawn toward one of the larger trees, which held a deep presence. My guide was standing near me and transported me into the inner world of the tree. I was shown what was held inside, an ancient language streamed before my eyes written in what appeared to be a holographic, hieroglyphic. An archaic language written with a green lazer beam of light.  I was told by my guide, that I am a guardian of this tree and that I have kept it safe. The language I was witnessing is from an advanced ancient knowledge planted by star beings and provides a way to connect to other universes.

I then saw myself back outside the tree and placed my hand on it, as I did the holographic language of the tree was transferred into me and my inner world. I had now become a record keeper just like the tree I had stepped inside. I have now become a part of this sacred grove rooted in this ancient language and wisdom, and am able to store knowledge through the transfer of light, encoded with the holographic language of dreams. The transfer of this light into my being from the record keeper, activated the information. The Record Keeper is connected to other sacred places around the world, which also hold sacred wisdom held in secret. The Record Keeper may be a Tree, a Rock, a Sacred Spring, or even a Whale. When one of the Records becomes activated and transfers to an individual, then other locations around the world, also become active, sending out a signal to the guardian of the site, who must come and activate it. A transfer of ancient wisdom seeded on this planet long ago and now ready to be awakened and activated. A transfer of ancient wisdom into the waking world, through action, to Awaken the Sacred Dream. Are you listening to the call? The time is now, to wake up.

Valley Reed © 2015

Northern Ireland Dark Hedges Photo Credit: Stephen Emerson


The Black Panther and the Shaman Stone

BPantherAnother big cat visited me in my dreaming recently, a black panther. This was another old friend who I was glad to see, and who I knew from many years ago when I first stepped onto the path of Shamanic dreaming at 25 years old. In that dream from long ago, the panther was stalking me, hunting me and devouring me, tearing me limb from limb. This is a traditional form of initiation onto the path of Shamanic realms of dreaming. Being torn limb from limb by a power animal is a kind of re-membering and re-birthing into a new form, one which holds natural paths of primal energy. These energy paths are also connected with the earth and universal energy, perhaps even parallel universes.

In my recent dream, I was aware this black panther was a teacher and he was showing himself to me in his animal form. He could shapeshift back into a man, but in this dream he was teaching me through the stealth of the black panther. He gave me a flat, slate colored stone about the size of my abdomen. I held it in my hands and could see the design of a map carved in an ancient language. This map is an earth energy grid, which I sense are also connected with interstellar energy grids. I was being shown how to use this tool to navigate the dream realms.  In ancient traditions the world over, the dream world is the real world and known as a place where the waking world gets created. I felt the ancient origins of this energy map written into this stone, and I felt it’s connection to me and my life and the familiar black panther standing next to me. The grounding power of the black panther and the ancient shaman stone was a gift and a teaching that I was being entrusted to learn how to use and one which I would need to learn in order to gain access to the spaces my path has set before me on the mysterious path of the shaman’s stone.

I was intrigued by the gift of this sacred object and now have set foot on a path of discovery for understanding this mysterious ancient map. Upon further examination, there seems to be no end to the maps contained in this ancient stone. When peering more deeply into the stone, as perhaps one would do with a scrying stone, I was able to see layer upon layer of maps held inside. I knew I was looking at inter-dimensional maps for traveling to other realms. I then held the stone like a scrying tablet, positioned before my solar plexus, while concentrating my intention onto the multidimensional maps and suddenly found myself transported to another location in dreaming.

Valley Reed © 2015

The Lion and the Goddess


The Lion came into my dreaming recently and said, “you have not been paying attention to me.” He was old and scraggly looking, and accompanied by several other older Lions who were part of his pride. I knew this Lion, although he looked different than I recalled, I was familiar with an agreement I had made with him somewhere in my far memory. My response to him was, “Oh that.”

My far memory seemed to recall this old friend and guardian as a protector and guardian of the goddess, and so in order to hang around with me, he may be asking me to embody more of that goddess energy in my life. I had the feeling it was time to get on with this part of my life, something I agreed to do along time ago, perhaps lifetimes ago. It was the feeling of time passing and that this promise could not be put off any longer. This lion is getting old and tired, he is hungry and needs to be fed. It is important to feed your power animals if you want them to stay near. This power animal I greeted as an old friend, holds a key to my own power which I seem to be avoiding. He is a guardian of the goddess, and neither he nor the goddess will be put off any longer. I must accept this energy and allow it to lead me into places in my life where I do not yet fully understand my own capacity to hold power as a woman. Even though, I just recently helped organize 2 major events centering around Women’s Human Rights at an International Women’s Summit in Dallas, Texas and another event in Taos, New Mexico for International Women’s Traditions, centering around Women’s Wisdom and Oral Traditions. I have continued to also grow community by nurturing a circle of women who are dreaming forth their own empowerment. Still the Lion is telling me, I am avoiding something. He is starving from my neglect and I must find away to nurture this connection which serves to protect and guide me. The Lion can help me journey to the places where the goddess resides.

Goddess_Kybele_AshdodThe connection between the Lion and the Goddess is an ancient one, dating back to the Neolithic era in Anatolia and spread from the Phrygian Mountains in what is now modern day Turkey, and enthroned in temples devoted to Kybele throughout the Grecco-Roman world. The Goddess Kybele was depicted on her throne holding her frame drum, flanked by female headed winged lions or riding a chariot guided by Lions. She was known as Magna Mater, Great Mother and brought with her a mysterious stone from Phyrgian Mountains, a conical shaped meteorite known as the Needle of Kybele, which enshrined the power of the Great Goddess to protect the region.

Valley Reed © 2015

Wolf Woman Gathers the Wild Women

wolfhowl Grey Wolf Woman 7-9-14

The grey wolf stood behind me, making her presence known at my right flank.

Then enters a wise woman, full of love and wisdom, calling forth her power.

She is interchangeable with the grey wolf. She reaches her arm forward drawing her power inward, showing me how it works. Showing me how to draw my power from the natural world, the world of spirits and the world of the shaman. The other world has come to stand beside me.

In between the balance of how the natural world flows.


The Portal 7-30-14

I sit before the portal of knowing and unknowing. A beautiful sunset slipping into the ocean before me. The magic of twilight opens the liminal spaces between the worlds. The waves are crashing through the portal and dispersing the energy of the mother. I open myself to this passage and receive the ever flowing waves of ancient love, pouring into my being. I feel the trembling earth beneath me and feel the electric energy surging through my body. I feel the energy being drawn into my womb, where it gathers. I feel the pain I have carried in my womb for so long, no longer has a home there. It is now home to a radiant and powerful love. I hear an ancient voice speaking to me across the waves of time. “You were drawn to me, just as I was drawn to you. Now we are joined together as one. This energy now belongs to you, and you can create whatever you wish in this life.”


After these powerful experiences, the space opened up for me to gather women together and offer weekend women’s retreats, which I began last year over the Fall Equinox.  In January of this year, I had this dream;

Wolf Priestess
I see a High Priestess who wore a white wolf headed skin over her right shoulder. Her handmade tunic draped down in front in deep colors of Blue. There were shiny elements on the front that made it appear like stars. She was standing facing me and held a strong presence in the room, but said nothing. Then another priestess came with the Wolf headed skin draped in the colors of purple, and the design held something more earthy on the front. Finally another priestess appeared wearing the Wolf headed skin draped in the colors of deep black with diamond like elements on her tunic which looked like stars in the night sky. I had the awareness of the Pleiadies constellation on this tunic. I quite like this woman, she had a wildness about her that was beautiful and familiar. The High Priestess stood holding the space as the procession of Wolf Priestesses walked past her and entered another room through an open door, where they were to have a private meeting. I was still watching as each appeared, noticing the different expression of their wolf power through the garments and designs they each wore, which were of their own making. I asked the High Priestess, How does one join to become a priestess? She said simply, you create your own sacred garment in your own colors and design and then you attend a meeting with the group, then you can create your own rituals or ceremonies and have your own group.  EOD.

I have continued to offer monthly women’s groups on the New Moon and weekend women’s retreats this year and am now also collaborating with Sacred Woman and The Kolo in helping to organize a women’s gathering in Taos next fall.

The International Women’s Traditions Leading the World on Oct. 2-4 at the Taos/SMU Campus.

What is so striking to me about how all this continues to come through, is how more and more new women are finding me and joining in our circle, and many speak about dreaming with a wolf when they come into the circle. The Wolf Woman is gathering the Wild Women together and you are invited to join us.

New Moon Women’s Wisdom Circle meets next in East Dallas on Tuesday, June 16th 7-9 p.m.

Listen to the call and join us.


The Ever Flowing Spring

“You will be like a well watered garden, like an ever flowing spring.”  Isaiah 58:11

I dream I have found the location of a sacred spring, there is a man and a buffalo there who are guardians of the spring. They have a story to tell about the water, and the sacredness of this place and it’s importance. It is not being used currently, for what it’s purpose was designed. It is located on private farm land and the water is being pumped and used to water the fields. This sacred place and the healing waters there, are meant to be used as a place of initiation and healing, not for commercial profit.


GrizzlyBearAdamsThe man has reddish dark hair, mustache and beard and perhaps English or Scottish ancestry. He was a hunter or trapper in the area, and now his spirit remains as guardian of this sacred spring. He is a big, burly looking mountain man, and it could also be a bear with him, Yes a Grizzly. I see the Grizzly who stands behind the man at a safe distance away. She stands on her hind legs with her shabby, sun drenched, blonde fur. She growls fiercely toward me, protecting her man. I recall looking at a trail map which had grizzly bear indicators for the trails they may frequent. I was looking at the trail map to see which trails I may want to follow. I am aware of the danger, but not afraid of the Bear, in fact in looking at the map, I see several trails grizzlies may frequent that I may be willing to go down. I know the area on the map where I am looking is near the Sierra Nevada Mountains of N. California and Nevada and perhaps further up into Montana. In researching this grizzly guardian, I discover he is in fact, the mountain man & trapper John Grizzly Adams, who lived in this area during the 1849 gold rush.

He lived in the wild and trapped and trained a number of Grizzly Bears over the years. One of his first was a she bear he trapped and trained who would follow him around just as I saw in my dream. Adams was attacked by a Grizzly in 1855,’ but saved by one of his Grizzly Bears who fought in his defense. He died 5 years later after the attack, never fully recovering. It would make sense that he would return to the places in the wild he loved as a guardian. It appears he would like to tell more of his story, or perhaps he is unhappy with how he has been portrayed.

I understand the spring and it’s purpose is connected with the deep well of soul, and it’s connection to ever flowing emotion and creativity. There are stories in this spring that want to be told, but before having access to them, I must listen to and tell the story of the guardian of this sacred place. I am impatient with him and want to bypass this process. I want to go around him and go deeper, I feel I have already heard the story of the gatekeeper and understand him, but I am here for a different purpose, the purpose for which this spring was created. Each time I try to go deeper into the sacred spring, I encounter the guardian, and he begins to tell me the story of this spring. In this telling, I am also paying attention to the buffalo and the story it has to tell me. The tragedy of the loss of the abundance of the buffalo, because of the greed of man. The story of how this affected the native people and how much they relied on the buffalo for not only food, but clothing and shelter. The Buffalo was at one time as numerous on the plains as the waves on the ocean, and as deeply honored in sacred ceremony and myth, as an ever flowing spring. The Indigenous People took care to honor the Buffalo and when hunted, they used every part of this sacred animal. They never imagined that it could become extinct and their way of life with it, because of the greed, guns and colonization by the white man.


I try once again to connect on a deeper level with the ever flowing spring, and again I meet the guardian of the spring who has his story to tell. He is focused on the physical water and location of the sacred place and the story surrounding it. The need to protect the environment and sacred places upon the earth, which are being used up for temporary financial gain. I want to go deeper into the healing power of the spring and encounter the soul energy that resides there. It is the soul energy of the earth, and holds great healing power. I want to delve in deeper with this ever flowing energy of soul and connect my life with it, and realign with my own inner vast resources of the ever flowing spring. It is restorative, and creative and from it stories spring forth, bubbling up from the depths of soul, swirling through time and into the present.

Spinning-VortexFinally, after the third hearing of the stories of the gatekeeper, I am able to delve deeper into the ever flowing spring. I enter the movement and see the spiraling flow of the water, it takes me ever deeper to the source of the spring. I am aware that this inner reality is the much sought after discovery of the elixir of life, or the fountain of youth, the alchemists spoke of in myth and legend. I have only just stepped into this flow of these sacred waters, and I know they will carry me ever deeper. I am blessed by these waters in dreaming on the cusp of a new year.

My prayer is to honor the earth dream and protect the sacred, within and without. May the ever flowing spring reveal my sacred purpose and bigger story.

For more information on sacred sites at risk, all around the earth please visit –